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Meal Plan

As part of your Personal Health Center you will have access to a customized, personalized Meal Plan which is developed and calculated just for you based on your metabolic requirements, body composition, daily lifestyle activity and exercise/activity plans. Think of your meal plan as a custom tailored suit made just for you.

Menu Planning & Recipes

Choose from wide range of healthy meals in our recipe database.

Nutrition Analysis

Have you ever wondered how many calories are in that meal you just ate? How about the percentage of Fat, Carbohydrates or Protein? How about for just a single food item? That tool is now available as part of your Personal Health Center with more than 18,000 food items in the data base you can search and analyze.

Glycemic Index

Learning about your Glycemic Index and how your diet affects conditions such as diabetes or metabolic syndrome can help guide you to a healthier lifestyle.