HP48 Using the PC Connectivity Kit

Reviewed: June 1, 1999


  The HP48G Body Composition Calculator may be reprogrammed from an IBM-compatible PC by using a serial interface cable and connectivity software from Hewlett-Packard. This allows for fast and easy replacement of the Body Composition program files, in case of data corruption or memory loss.


  • Connect the Serial Interface Cable to an available serial port on your PC.
  • With the logo side of the 4-pin connector facing up, plug the cable into the HP48. It should lightly snap into place. Never force the connector into place or the socket may be permenently damaged.
  • Follow the instructions included with the HP Graphic Calculator Connectivity Kit for installation of the software on your PC. Note that versions of the software are included for both DOS and Windows based systems. You will only need to install the software appropriate for your operating system.


  The following steps will clear the memory on the HP48G, making it ready to accept the program files.

  • Press the [ON], [A] and [F] buttons together.
  • When prompted with "Try To Recover Memory?", press the white F button (to choose No).


  • Make sure that the cable is properly connected to the computer and HP48G
  • On the HP48G, press [->] and [I/O] together. Select Transfer to display the the Transfer menu.
  • Set the I/O parameters to PORT=Wire, TYPE=Kermit, FMT=BIN, BAUD=9600. Use the four-way arrows to highlight the value you want to change and press [B], the "CHOOS" button, to see a list of choices.
  • Press [ON] and [C] to exit the Transfer menu.
  • Press [->] and [I/O] together and select Start Server (the last menu item) to put the HP48 in server mode. The screen will display "Awaiting Server Cmd."


  • On the PC, start Filer, the Hewlett-Packard link program.
  • Verify that the correct serial port (i.e. COM1, COM2) is selected in the program options.
  • Select "Connect" on the PC screen.
  • Once connected, insert the Body Composition program file diskette into the disk drive on the PC.
  • Select the appropriate drive letter for the PC disk drive (A: or B:). This will display the program files from the diskette on the left hand side of the screen.
  • Select all files on the diskette by clicking on each file with the mouse, or use the space bar and arrow keys.
  • Once all files from the diskette are highlighted, choose "Send" to start the transfer process.

    *Note: If you receive an error, clear the memory in the HP48G, verify I/O settings and repeat the transfer process.

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