HP48 Replacing the Batteries

Reviewed: October 8, 1997

When to replace the batteries

When a low-battery condition exists, the (()) annunciator will remain on the indicator bar at the top of the screen, even when the unit is turned off. When the unit is turned on during a low-battery condition, Warning: LowBat(S) is displayed for approximately 3 seconds. Replace the batteries as soon as possible after the (()) annunciator and warning message appear.

*Note: If you continue to use the unit while the (()) annunciator is on, the display will eventually dim and you may lose the Body Composition program stored in memory.

Changing the batteries

  • The HP48G is powered by three AAA batteries. All brands are acceptable, however the use of rechargeable batteries is not recommended because of their lower capacity and short low-battery warning time.
  • To change the batteries in the HP48G:
  • Turn the unit off. You may lose the Body Composition program from memory if the batteries are removed while the unit is on.
  • Have three, fresh size AAA batteries (of the same brand and type) at hand. Wipe off both ends of each battery with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Remove the battery-compartment door by pressing down and sliding it off away from the unit. Be careful not to accidentally press the ON key.
  • Turn the unit over and shake the batteries out. After the batteries are out, replace them within 2 minutes to prevent loss of the Body Composition program.
  • Position the batteries according to the outlines in the bottom of the battery compartment. Avoid touching the battery terminals. Batteries are easier to install if the negative (plain) ends are inserted first, and if the center battery is installed last.
  • Replace the battery-compartment door by sliding the tabs on the door into the slots in the case.
  • Press ON to turn the unit on.

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