The ElectroLipoGraph  
A comprehensive collection of Windows-based health management and wellness promotion tools
  The Client Control Center is the central processing engine of the Health Management System software. In addition to system setup and customization features, the Client Control Center allows you to create, recall, modify, delete, and print patient data. The Client Control Center dispatches commands and functionality to all modules associated with the Health Management System.   The modular components of the Health Management System include software tools for
  • Health Risk Analysis
  • Medical Risk Analysis
  • Obesity Risk Index
  • Nutrition Analysis
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Individulized Nutrition Prescriptions
  • Personalized Exercise & Rehabilitation Prescriptions
  • Physical/Fitness Evaluation
  • Group Analysis & Tracking

Combine these modules to create a comprehensive testing and analysis system tailored to any health and wellness application.

Client Control Center
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