HMS1000 Printer Update

Reviewed: August 4, 1998


  After changing printers or installing a new printer driver, you may experience problems with printing reports from HMS1000. You may encounter the following error message:

General Description: Unable to Get Device Context
Specific Description: for Printer
Error Number: 2005

  In most cases, you will also notice that the Printer Setup window, accessed from the Client menu, is not responding.


  This can happen when the printer settings contained in the HMS1000.INI file are no longer valid for the printer being used. The printer driver may be corrupted, an incompatible driver may have been installed, or no driver is installed for the printer.


  Before proceeding with the instructions below, verify that the appropriate driver for your printer is installed. In Windows 95, click Start->Settings->Printers to view all installed printers. In Windows 3.x, open Control Panel, then double-click the Printers icon to view the list of installed printers. If you cannot find a valid driver for your printer, contact the manufacturer of the printer to obtain the latest version of the apropriate printer driver. Printer drivers for most printers may be found on the manufacturers website on the internet, or you may contact them directly for a copy on diskette. Follow the manufacturers instructions for installation of the driver and related software, then follow the steps below.

  *Note: These steps make use of the INI File Editor utility provided in the HMS1000 Help menu. You may also choose to edit the HMS1000.INI file directly using any text file editor (ie. Notepad). To do so, open C:\WINDOWS\HMS1000.INI in a text editor and delete the values for each of the three items in the PRINT section and save the file. Once edited, these lines will look like the following example:


  To access the INI File Editor, choose Help on the HMS1000 menu bar at the top of screen. Next, choose Customer Service Utilities and then select INI File Editor.

  • In the box labeled Section, where the cursor is flashing, type the word PRINT (upper or lower case). Use the Tab key to move your cursor to the Item box.
  • In the box labeled Item, type DEVICE. Use the Tab key to move to the Value box. Delete the entire contents of the Value box.
  • When Value is clear, use the Shift-Tab keys to move the cursor back to the Item box and replace the word DEVICE with the word DRIVER. Press Tab to move to the Value box and delete the entire contents of Value.
  • When Value is clear, use the Shift-Tab keys to move the cursor back to the Item box and replace DRIVER with OUTPUT. Press Tab to move to the Value box and delete the entire contents of Value.
  • After the Value entries have been deleted for DEVICE, DRIVER and OUTPUT, click on the OK button to close the INI File Editor. You will get a message recommending that you restart HMS1000. Click on OK, then exit and restart HMS1000.

  Once HMS1000 starts, open the Printer Setup screen by clicking Client->Printer Setup. Verify that the settings are correct for the printer you are using and that the appropriate print options have been selected, then click OK to close the Printer Setup window. At the Client Control Center, recall a client then click on the Print Reports button to verify that the new settings are in effect and that HMS1000 is able to print correctly to to the printer.

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