HMS Error 134 - Cannot lock PARADOX.NET

Reviewed: October 8, 1999


  While attempting to access Health Management System for Windows, you may encounter an HMS1000 Error Report that contains the following entries in the Error Statistics section of the report:

  Specific Description: During PXWinInit  
  Error Number: 134  
  Module: HMS1000.CPP  


  This error is generated when the Health Management System cannot create an exclusive "lock" on the data file being opened. This can occur if a lock created for a database record is not removed due to an unexpected shutdown, or if your system does not start the SHARE program during boot-up.


  Remove unnecessary lock files

  1. Close any applications currently running.
  2. Using File Manager (Windows 3.x), Windows Explorer (Windows 95/98), or the MS DOS Prompt, delete each instance of the following files from the root directory of drive C:


  In Windows 95/98, you may use the Find Files feature to locate and delete these files.

  1. Click on the Start button and choose Find -> Files or Folders
  2. In the Named box, type *.LCK, *.NET. The Look In box should contain (C:).
  3. Click on the Find Now button to locate the files
  4. Delete all instances of the files listed above

  Verify that SHARE is running (Windows 3.1 only)

  On Windows 3.1 systems, SHARE.EXE must be installed for the Health Management System to function properly.

  To verify that SHARE is loaded on your system, exit to DOS. At the DOS prompt, type SHARE and press Enter. If SHARE is running already, you will get the message "SHARE already installed." If you do not see this message, then SHARE was not running and will need to be referenced in your AUTOEXEC.BAT by adding the line Drive\Path\SHARE.EXE, where Drive is the drive where your DOS commands are stored and Path specifies the location.

  *Note: You must restart your computer for these changes to take effect.

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