ELGIII Health Management System
  This Health Management System includes all the components for starting and running a successful Wellness, Fitness or Weight Management Program.

The ELGIII is the patented, FDA registered, core technology implemented by the Health Management System. The ELGIII is a unique diagnostic hand held instrument that measures human Bio-Impedance Metre to predict Human Metabolic and Body Composition Analysis.

In a clinical setting, the ELGIII is used in conjunction with the www.HMS1000.com Internet based software applications to analyze human body composition (percent body fat and lean body mass) and metabolism quickly and efficiently.

The ELGIII is the most accurate and scientifically valid technology available today.

ELGIII Body Composition Analyzer
Patient Lead Cables
ELG Sensor Test Kit (25 tests)

Health Management System Software
Body Composition
Aerobic Exercise

Resistance Training
Nutrition Recommendation
Master Forms Disk

Base System

ELGIII Health Management System
(Base System)

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