HMS1000 User's Manual (Adobe PDF)

  View and print the HMS1000 User's Manual in Adobe Portable Document Format. Each section of the manual is a separate PDF file. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

 Warranty and Software License
 System Module
 Body Composition Module
 Aerobic Exercise Module
 Resistance Training Module
Nutrition Recommendation Module
 Health Risk Appraisal Module
   HRA Questionnaire
  Fitness Analysis Module
   FIT Recording Form

 Medical Risk Analysis Module
   MRA Questionnaire

 Longevity Index Module
   LI Questionnaire



HMS1000 Database Upgrade Utility
  This new version of the Upgrade Utility enables reindexing of all HMS1000 databases at once. File definitions required to upgrade each database are included in a separate compressed download.

 Upgrade Utility
 File Definitions


HMS1000 Make History Utility
  This utility will create history records lost when upgrading from versions prior to 1.5a. Run the download file to extract the MAKEHIST utility and instructions.

 Make History Utility


HMS1000: Nutrition Analysis Update
  Updates the Nutrition Analysis module in HMS1000 with new information from the USDA National Nutrient Database.

 Nutrition Analysis Update